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GBP was created in April 2009, with the objective to grow in the market place, offering services using a highly skilled (technically and managerial) Team and Partners. Based on our “Corporate Strategy” Board, we share our concerns with our client, company growth, client satisfaction and services with high quality and ethics.


GBP Global Business Partner is a consulting company with focus on business management & valuation, business strategy & opportunities, aiming for profitability, long term cost of ownership, and prepared to support your business for succession planning. As competitive advantage, GBP monitors and help implement, together with clientes the improvement and corporate strategic actions.


After 6 years in the market, GBP has performed services in judicial disputes, litigation (as Federal Court Expert), valuation of businesses, managerial lead & support for retail and e-commerce companies, business plan for new opportunities, valuation of machinery and assets for accounting adjustments (Impairment) and other activities to support the customers. 

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