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GBP is a recently created company, eager to grow in the market place, with an experienced Team with complementing competencies, creating synergy and guided by the same “Core Values”. The Team is lead by Amarilio da Silva Mattos Junior, with many years of experience in areas like Logistics, Manufacturing, SAP Implementation, Project Management, Strategy Development and Implementation, Cost Optimization, Business Valuation, Strategic Planning, M&A and Divestiture. Amarilio posses the knowledge and expertise to support companies develop and implement those areas above mentioned. He has worked for Dow Chemical for 29 years and the last 8 years in the Corporate Headquarters. Graduated in Chemical Engineer at UFBA (Universidade Federal da Bahia), in Business Administration at UCSal (Universidade Católica do Salvador) and post grad at CETEAD – UFBA (Business Administration Center). Expert Appraiser certified at Appraisal Institute (USA) and at IBAPE/BA (Instituto Brasileiro de Perícias e Avaliações da Bahia). 

Amarilio Mattos

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Jose Fidelis Sarno


Jose Fidelis Sarno, has a vast experience in civil construction, projetc management, planning and budget execution. Certified in Assest valuation by IBAPE with AAA level. In government area wroked as Executive Superintendent at SUCOM (Superintendência do Controle e Ordenamento do Uso do Solo do Município de Salvador) and Port Infrastructure Director at CODEBA (Companhia Docas da Estado da Bahia). Member of CREA-BA (Conselho Regional de Engenharia e Agronomia da Bahia, member of CONFEA (Conselho Federal de Engenharia e Agornomia da Bahia), President and Vice-President of IBAPE/BA (Instituto de Avaliação e Perícia de Engenharia da Bahia). Diretor da Unión Pan-americana de Asociaciones de Valuación (UPAV) and Vice-President  of Environmental and Special Projects of Nacional IBAPE. Instructor for judicial and non-judicial civil engineering litigations, for Construction Pathologies, Building Inspection, Soccer Stadiums Inspection, speaker in several engineering seminars and congress. Expert and judicial assistent in civil engineering for judicial state and federal courts.

José de Souza Neto

Jose de Souza Neto, graduated as Civil Engineer at UFBA (Escola Politécnica) in 1984, with vast experience in civil construction buildings, low cost, high pattern and urban infrastructure. Active in construction inspection, building inspection, engineering valuation for private or public companies, like ECT (Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos), SAEB (Secretaria da Administração do Estado), W. Barreto, District Attorney Office, Abyara Real Estate Planning, and others. Civil Engineer Expert at 10ª Judiciary Section of bahia since 2004. Executive Director at SUCAB (Superintendência de Construções Administrativas da Bahia) during feb/2007 till mar/2008, Technical Director and President of IBAPE/BA (Instituto Brasileiro de Avaliação e Perícia de Engenharia da Bahia) during 2006 till 2009. Dictor os Special Projects of Nacional IBAPE (2008/2009) and is owner of ENGOS Enginnering, a consulting compnay in valuation and civil inspection.


Inálvaro Soares

Inálvaro Soares is a Civil Engineer, graduated from UCSAL (1983), post-graduated in Business at UNIFACS (2006) e post-graduated in Appraisal & Engineering Litigation (2001). Specialist in Risk Management and Insurance Analysis. Vice President of IBAPE/BA (Instituto de Avaliação e Perícia da Bahia) for 2 consecutive terms. In the market for 23 years as an insurance specialist, systems commissioning, risk modeling, construction inspector, building inspection, training for firefighters, valuation of real estate. Consultant and speaker in several colleges, congress, and seminars. Partner of SCG Avaliações e Perícias de Engenharia.


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